Mebea makes mindware.

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The Itallis Media CenterUsing wireless biometric sensors you can capture, Amplify and TRANSMIT your EEG brain signal back to the computer. Once we have that signal in the computer we give it back to you in exactly the way you like it: As a game controller. As your volume controller. As the next song selector of your playlist. As so much fun interacting, that it can be a surprise to discover:

All that you have been experiencing with the media for pleasure, you have in fact been achieving  FOR YOURSELF, and for personal benefit. By gaining control over the volume of your music, you have in fact gained a before unknown level of control over your own brain and of all that your brain controls…

And as with anything learned, once gained the control is not lost when you aren’t wearing the sensor! You have taught yourself something to be used every day in life: Attention. Meditation and more States of Consciousness that you have now studied in yourself, scientifically at the cellular level.

Playfully toward your intelligence.




In April we will be International!

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This coming April, we will release our new international language version! You will be able to choose between English, Korean, Chinese and. . .

Insert your language here! What language do you prefer to play in?


Play Smart

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Some of our beta-testers have expressed a confusion about HOW to bioPLAY. It has been a long time since we all started playing video games, so the interface is like second nature now. I ask you to remember what it was like the first few times you held a game controller- with all those buttons. Much of how you gained skill was by pressing those buttons in all possible combinations. Even when it wasn’t right, you kept pressing those buttons and trying to beat the level. From that exploration your skills developed.
To learn to BioPLAY and score big, I invite you to see your THOUGHTS as the buttons. Observe them, and find the kind of thinking that triggers the game actions. The controls are fine-tuned within you, and with practice you will notice that some types of thinking trigger a good response, and others don’t trigger any response.
I am working with these games now as the fruit of 15 years working with Neurofeedback for self-enhancement, well-being and rehabilitation. I’ve watched MANY, MANY people learn to observe and gain dominion over their thoughts & brains, which improved their lives! My experience with clients made me KNOW that- if you are confused now, it’s because you’ve just begun. Practice by playing often, we’ll help you track your game and brain progress in a way that you will be SURE that the brain computer interface is much less about learning to control a game or machine with your mind as it is about learning to control your OWN BRAIN with your own AWARENESS.
Empower. Employ, ENJOY!


A review of the headsets

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ITALLIS Builds a Bridge

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The ITALLIS mission has been to Serve Consciousness of Self since before the company began in 2001.

Today our support to Neurofeedback and Biofeedback professionals around the world has brought us to this point of high agency with consciousness technologies.

It is from this promontory that we can clearly see another peak within reach, as EEG technologies come down in price and public interest increases about Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), we have worked to make a full featured Media Player for your BCI universal experience (OF SELF).

This week, ITALLIS is releasing a new site: Here you will be able to play and acquire the lowest cost games and brain-gear as a STARTER on this leg of the journey.
Stop in and ENJOY!

Adrian CM Van Deusen